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We create new and innovative insurance solutions which are seamless and tailored with a simple touch of smart APIs. As a result, we will empower your company to integrate fully digital solutions into your ecosystem. 

3 ways to embed insurance in your customer journeys


Utilizing your customers' trust in your brand to extend your offers.

Like insurance offered by a union or a member benefit for your loyalty scheme


Offer the right insurance at the right time in your customer journey.

Weather insurance together with a flight ticket or product insurance with expensive equipment.


Increase your value proposition with bundled insurance.

Bundle financing, service, or storing
off-season tires for a hassle-free car purchase and ownership.

Relevant, customized, and

In other words, you integrate insurance in your existing products and your customer journeys.

Achieve better customer experience
Higher customer loyalty
Increased revenue
Seamless and tailored solutions

Focusing on customer experience

By combining your current products and services with insurance, you can create better value propositions and strengthen the customer experience.

Better customer experience
Simplicity rather than complexity
White-label solutions

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